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Thunder and Thunder Storm Sounds

We’re happy to announce that after a fairly crazy thunderstorm that passed through a week ago I have some pretty awesome sound effect bases and I’m working on my new Thunder Sound Effects Library Pack! Enjoy! I’ll let you all know when they are ready to check out!  Of course you can get sound effects free when you join our newsletter.  After you join you be presented with a free sound effects download.

Thunder SFX Image



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This is the fourth and single most powerful value.  If you believe in Thunder Pop, in the people we serve, in your talents and in the solution to a painful problem, success will find a way.

“Believe” is our fourth value.

We believe we are adding value and we believe we can help you.

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What are your trying to deliver emotionally?

At Thunder Pop, we believe that audio = emotion.  If you want more emotion in your product we hear ya!!

Thunder Pop can help you create the best emotional experience with sounds from our library or even custom solutions.

If your project is lacking emotional impact let us know and we would love to help solve that problem for you. 

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Show your soul

We at Thunder Pop are amazed by the amount of incredible talent in the game industry these days.  Video Game development has a vibrant community of artists (of all disciplines).  It is this level of passion that will save the industry from soul-less-ness.

Do you have a soul?  Do you have passion for your art?  We want to hear from you.  Please send a little email to and tell us what inspires you?

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Art or Crafts

We believe its important to distinguish the difference between art and craftsmanship.  Specifically when you are commissioned to deliver a product or service that is a trade or craftsmanship.  When you deliver on something you created and people appreciate it by purchasing it, using it or listening to it, that is art.

The difference is in who the work is for and why it was originally created.

At Thunder Pop Productions we are capable of both forms of creation and find value in each form.  However,  we truly value creating art for ourselves and sharing it with the world.

Each sound here is crafted and designed to our tastes.  We like it and want to share it with you.  We hope you have a desire to use it.  Please know this is not the way to make a lot of money.  This is a way to make a stance for passion.  We are passionate about our work and would love to hear from you if you have purchased it.


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The Possibility

What if you had a solution for audio and your interactive productive that allowed you to have quick and quality results? What if quality was simple? What if quality audio didn’t cost a lot? What if quality was royalty free?

Well now it is. I’ve spent decades creating solutions for top video game companies and now I’m making this expertise available to you in quick and easy solutions.

Currently we are building this site up to offer all of our productions and only a few solutions are available. However in the future I think you’ll find many more options that may help you.

We welcome your comments and feedback.


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We are up and running for transactions!!

You can still get our products on the Unity store and now you can get them here too (if in stock)!  In the future we intend to offer special sales and coupons for products reviewed and purchased here and elsewhere!

This site is still being worked on, but is functional.  Please come back as we work on this site and improve it.


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After years of incubation, we are LIVE

We are happy to announce that after years of recording, cataloging and editing content we are prepared now to revolutionize audio content for interactive productions.

Please check out our content on Unity and UE4 stores now.

Don’t forget to checkback here in the future for exclusive content only available here.

Thunder Pop Productions is where all the best audio content will be.